Mid-Winter Conference recap

On January 19-20 in Wenatchee, the VFW Department of Washington hosted the state’s Mid-Winter Conference. At this conference, various training classes were held, officer reports were read and winning essay participants were recognized.

Here are some highlights Commander Teeter noted that she thought were worth passing along:
Recruiting and Membership:
– Posts are successful if they have a robust, active membership committee. Traditionally it’s led by the Senior Vice and the Quartermaster and Adjutant are members as well.  
– The state recruiting team attends large public events, like Seafair. At these events they recruit for VFW at-large. They can provide at-large lists by zip code so posts can do outreach to these members.
  — If Post 3063 wants representation at the VFW recruiting booth at large events, we must be vetted by the state recruiting team.
  — We can invite the state recruiting team to our local events. (Consider for Ballard Seafood Fest.)
  — For events, do not have more than 2-3 people in a booth!
– Consider setting up information booths near marijuana dispensaries. This tactic worked well for the state recruiting team.
– For new members, perform 30-60-90 day follow-ups so they stay engaged.
– Provide temporary membership cards to new members.
– Hold family-friendly community events at the post; this will help pull people in!
– Audits must be performed by trustees, not the quartermaster! This is mandated by National and was emphasized by the National Quartermaster, who was in attendance. Also recommended electronic audits.
– State can provide 1:1 training for Quartermasters.
– Have procedures down in writing.
– This position performs reporting to state Community Service Reports page, All American Dashboard, etc.
– Buddy Poppies! Order through State Assistant Adjutant, Jason Paxton.
Veterans/Military Support (VMS):
– Up to $5K for adopted units.
– $500 Homeless Veteran Grant. Standdown instructions are available as well.