Quartermaster’s Update (November 2021)

Some quick notes as we head into November.

We have decided to hold the November, and future business meetings (until further notice) in person with a Zoom option. Members and guests who are fully vaccinated may attend in person, others please tune in via Zoom, using the directions that are elsewhere in this newsletter.

We are running way behind in drawing for free life memberships from those who have attended two meetings and who are present at the current meeting, in person or via Zoom. Please attend a meeting and take advantage of the very favorable odds that you might win a free life membership.

The November social will be our Thanksgiving dinner. The same vaccination policy will apply to in-person attendance. Others may pick up a takeout dinner. Please remember that all socials and other dinners will be by reservation only – whether in person or take out. To make reservations, please text or call me (206-972-2135), or email at: [email protected].  

For the November dinner, reservations must be in no later than noon on Monday, November 18th

Our annual fundraiser was held in October this year. Attendance was less than in years past due to a variety of reasons, but based on early returns, it looks like it was quite successful. I’ll have a full report at the business meeting on November 4th. Meanwhile, many thanks to Co-Chairs Russ and Kay Seelig and all those who helped by soliciting or donating prizes, volunteered in the kitchen and at the hall, or contributed their hard-earned bucks to make the event successful.

Please remember our typical fall/winter weather presents challenges when out and about. Darkness, wind and rain make it hard to see pedestrians, so remember to drive defensively and keep a weather eye out for the unexpected person, animal, bike or car that might pop up from the darkness.

Yours in Comradeship,