Commander’s Corner (November 2021)

As we wind up the fundraiser auction and raffle, we must extend a heartfelt thanks to each of the people who stepped up make this happen. But while thanks just doesn’t seem to be enough, the post is truly indebted to Kay Seelig and the entire band of volunteers.  THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!

Additionally, I want to focus on a special thanks to the members of the Burien Kiwanis in, you guessed it, Burien, of which I have been a member for several years now.

This club sits on ten acres in the heart of Burien located 20-25 miles south of Ballard and provides the use of their camp to any youth group in the state free of charge! That is their volunteer shtick. 

A couple years ago while attending yet another Tuesday evening meeting at their clubhouse, I happened to mention to a couple of the members about our post’s upcoming spaghetti fundraiser in the hopes of selling a couple tickets.  
Shortly after the meeting started one of them stands up and announces to the group of about ten or so (typical attendance numbers) of our fundraiser that benefits veterans, etc. and that they should pony up for the vets! 

Before I left I had a full book of tickets sold to them! (worth $200) and no questions, “Just give the tickets to needy vets.” Not only that but one of the other members announced that they should put together gift baskets to help us with the auction. Well, they did that too to the tune of four or five specialty baskets (Lego, golf, wine, cigar, dog/pet) gifted to the post. The retail value of each basket was between $100 -$150.  (This is what they do for their own fundraisers.)

Point is, they jumped at the opportunity to help vets in any way that they could! “If it’s for the vets, we’re in!” Their generosity has continued each year since. No questions asked other than, “What can we do?!” 

This year things got a little convoluted with the Covid restrictions and unfortunately no tickets went to them. But they still managed to come up with the same type of gift baskets for our raffle. 

Then, during the Oct. 26 meeting, the Kiwanis past Lt. Governor put out an unsolicited plea even though our fundraiser was all over. “These are vets- they need our help!” In the spur of the moment, $20 bills started popping up on the table next to me! They totaled $300 from a total of 16 members who happened to be in attendance! 

This is obviously a very patriotic group which in itself tends to warm the cockles of your heart,  but their generosity and willingness to help vets, “in any way we can,” speaks volumes to the character of the entire membership of the Kiwanis Club of Burien. So very appreciated!

Just thought you ought to know.

-Commander Joe