Commander’s Corner (June 2021)

MEMORIAL DAY has a specific purpose and maintaining that purpose is important.

While there are dozens of ways that honor America’s fallen on Memorial Day, we don’t want to lose sight of why and for what it was intended.

Memorial Day was established as a way for the country to set aside time to honor the troops who had given their lives in service to America. It was not founded in joy with the promise of bringing glee each year, or to cash in on discounts from nearly everything from cars to nail polish. Despite what the day has evolved to in American culture, it actually was established to honor and remember America’s fallen.

The current troops need not be thanked, just because it’s Memorial Day, as they deserve respect and gratitude every day of the year. But this day is set aside specifically for America’s fallen from EVERY war.

While marching in a Memorial day parade or attending one of the many Memorial Day services are certainly great ways to honor the fallen, just simply taking a few moments of reflection and appreciation of what this day was meant to be, is just as appropriate and meaningful…

So, sleep in on that perfect mattress you got on sale, or grill some steaks, and enjoy the day. Just don’t forget to raise a glass in honor of those service men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

– Commander Joe