Quartermaster’s Update (3rd Quarter 2020)

By Harold Rodenberger

It has been a tough three months since my last column. Many of our members and their families are in the highest risk groups, so they have had to stay close to home and isolate themselves as much as possible. To keep our post functioning we have been conducting our business meetings via Zoom. The attendance has been better than expected and we have been able to fulfill our mission in unexpected ways.

To reach out to our members, Service Officer Joseph Mesa is calling people on a rotating basis. Most days, I’m available to answer your phone calls. IF YOU NEED HELP OR JUST NEED SOMEONE TO LISTEN, PLEASE CALL ME at 206-972-2135 ANYTIME AND I WILL LISTEN AND TRY TO HELP.

Because of the virus, we’ve cancelled our traditional spaghetti fundraiser but are planning a different major fundraiser to be held in its place. Mark the date, September 12th. Further details to follow.

Our social night dinners also have changed due to the lockdown. Members pick up their meals and we deliver to those who can’t make it to the post. Chef Kay Seelig and other volunteers have been doing a great job with the dinners. Volunteer drivers have been delivering to those at home. Many thanks to the volunteers who make this happen!  Email will bring information on this month’s special dinner. Make sure you have a reservation by responding to the email or calling 206-972-2135. Because of the virus, reservations are required.

Ace Hardware has teamed up with the VFW and donated American Flags for the use of our members. If you would like to have some of these flags for patriotic purposes, please call so we can coordinate a time for you to pick them up.

This month marks the start of the new VFW year. Our new officers have been installed and are ready to keep our post alive and well during this unusual time. Every year, I mention the importance of membership because every year we lose members for various reasons. This is the time to look around and ask someone to join our post. A growing post depends on growing membership. Please help by finding new members to replace those who transfer out, go to their just reward or for other reasons fall off our rolls.

Please remember that our VFW is an equal opportunity organization. The requirements for membership are: any US citizen or National who has served in a designated combat area and an honorable discharge. There is no qualification based on race, ethnicity, sex, age, national origin, or any other factor.