New program: Five and Five

“Five and Five” is a unique opportunity to:
– Speak 
– Listen 
– Learn
– Understand 

Date : Sept. 21, 2023
Time: 10 a.m. 
Location: Ballard VFW Post

Each participating comrade will speak on their own unique military experiences highlighting the first FIVE years of military service OR the last FIVE years of military service. 

After each member has spoken, we return to the first speaker. That speaker will then speak on what they VISUALIZE the NEXT FIVE years going forward will entail.

The environment will be one of total respect, no judgement and trust that each comrade’s experience is valued and kept within the group.

We want to address certain serious consequences of loneliness noted in the recent U.S. Surgeon General’s reports through respectful and trusted communication in our “Five and Five” informal coffee hour meeting platform.

Coffee and pastries provided.

Register with Dave Tyner at [email protected] or 206-979-5889.