Commander’s Corner (May 2022)

I will forgo one of my typical messages and give you the following instead: 

First, as some of you know, my wife Laura and I just returned from a week  in the Caribbean on a Fitzgerald Family Cruise. And you also may have  heard that I tested positive for Covid upon my return. I did. But the good  news is that Laura did not, and also that I have been asymptomatic. My  doctor, and particularly the medical staff at Swedish who treat old goats  like me who get Covid, attributes my having no Covid issues or even  symptoms other than pollen allergies, to having been vaccinated and twice  boosted to a point that I have built up some good immunity. Because of my age it was recommended that I receive the  Monoclonal Antibodies IV. So I did that. I think I am seriously covered now. I have 7 days of quarantine which ends Sunday. So the Tuesday before our  business meeting I will no longer be in quarantine, and no masking  required – I will be done with all of it just in time for Thursday’s meeting.  

The point of all this though, is full disclosure, and to let you all know that I  am proof of how effective vaccinations and boosters can be to  minimize the effects of Covid on an individual. This is why it is so important  to be vaccinated. I turned 81 at this writing. I have a congestive heart condition, I have Afib,  and two faulty heart valves, along with a host of other old age related  issues! Although I try, it is impossible for me to workout like I used to not  so very long ago. Given all that, contracting Covid could  have been a very critical if not disastrous issue for me. But I have no worries!

On to post business… At this Thursday’s business meeting, we will be installing next year’s slate of officers. I hope that all of you can make it so that you can welcome the incoming leadership. You should all be very excited about who your next Commander will be, as well as the rest of the post command staff. Promises to be exceptional!  

On Thursday our Post Auxiliary will be electing new leadership at the  Post as well. 

So, some big changes are coming. Please come and be a part of it!

Commander Joe Fitzgerald