Quartermaster’s Update (January 2022)

By Harold Rodenberger

As many of you know, our post made All-American status last year for the first time in our history. Our Commander was presented with his All-American cap, but the rest of us, although entitled to wear that cap, must buy it from the VFW Store. If you want to buy a cap, call the store (833-839-8387) and tell them you want to order an A-A cap. They will need your member number (found on your membership card) and credit card info. If you can’t find your card, I can provide your membership number. The cost of the cap will be approx $80.

This past quarter has been like a roller coaster. As infection rates declined, we were able to attend in-person meetings and socials again. Since the Omicron variant invaded, infection rates are surging. Early evidence indicates that this variant is more infectious but may result in somewhat less serious cases. By all accounts, the best defense is to get vaccinations and boosters, practice good hand hygiene and masking techniques, and avoid indoor crowds.

We require proof of vaccination or a negative test within the past 72 hours to attend in-person meetings and social events. We will continue to provide a Zoom hookup for others. Thanks for doing all you can to slow down this current surge.

Another way to help yourself and others during this period is to reduce stress and stay upbeat. With instantaneous news, addicting social media and extreme political divisions, every day can seem overwhelming. There have been many troubles in our past. We no longer burn people at the stake, boil suspected heretics in oil, or tar and feather contrarians. In the forties and fifties blatant racial, sexual, religious and social prejudices were common. There is still room to improve, but we have made much progress.

To fight those old evils, and reduce my stress levels, I try to practice the Golden Rule, give others the benefit of the doubt, and extend the hand of kindness where possible. I know I can’t change the world, but I can improve my little corner of Ballard, or Edmonds, or wherever I am on this imperfect Earth. These techniques don’t always work, but they help keep my blood pressure under control, and I recommend them highly.

Sincere wishes to you all for prosperity, health, safety and a modicum of happiness in the New Year.