Commander’s Corner (December 2021)

Happy holidays…and a Christmas wish!

As we are about to close out yet another Covid year and become immersed in the Christmas holiday season that heralds in the New Year, I would personally like to extend a very “MERRY CHRISTMAS” wish to each and everyone of you!

As you know, next week will be our last business meeting of the year, and with that I do have a special Christmas wish of my own for that day and beyond. It’s a very simple wish.

That our post membership attendance at the business meetings increase to levels that are more in line with what our actual membership is.

I understand the crippling effect that Covid has had on attendance and that there are some who just won’t be able to attend yet. But as vaccinations increase and Covid levels decrease, the time has come for us to be getting back to post business. It’s time to start getting back to the post!

For some, it may be coming to your first business meeting. We have gained dozens of new members since this Covid stuff started a couple years ago, not to mention however many others we gained before that! Whatever those numbers end up being, we have only had one or two new members showing up at any given meeting.

The few other members that also attend are the old standbys: the staff and other regulars who are always there so we can actually conduct a meeting. We need more than that. We need both the old and the new membership in attendance. We need you to come to the meeting and see what we do. We need your input to help us as we move forward with the many endeavors that the post undertakes. That can only happen if you are in attendance. So please do your best to join us. It starts with next week’s business meeting! We look forward to seeing you.

One of the casualties of all this has been that our membership oath and induction ceremony has not taken place in a very long time. (Note: This is where you typically receive your Membership Pin.) In an effort to finally correct this, we will be conducting the induction ceremony at the onset of our January 6, 2022 business meeting. That’s in one month!

If you have not taken the VFW membership oath, please show up at the January business meeting. There will be others to join you. It is painless, and only takes a short amount of time. You need to do this. If you have already been through this ceremony please come and join us as we meet and welcome new members. Thank You.

Commander Joe Fitzgerald