Officer Spotlight: Dan Stokke, Post 3063 Judge Advocate

This is a recurring column that highlights the 2021-2022 post officers.

What is your military background?

My tour of duty in the U.S. Army was at Tae Chon, Korea where there was a missile base with three huge missiles.  The missiles would come out of their silos every week on staggered days. Our unit was tasked to secure the perimeter.  There were 12 OPs. Every night I would hump three mountains where my OP’s  were located and make certain no one was sleeping. My squad would put out little traps for me to warn them when I was coming. They would tell me the traps were for the North Koreans. We were not allowed cameras or alcohol in the compound. I believe the missiles were nukes but everything was hush-hush. 

When I got back to the states I was placed at Ft. Lawton in the 74th MP Detachment and did the remainder of my Military time there. That prepared me for my civilian job which was a Detective for 42 years with Seattle P.D.

Tell us about your position and what you hope to accomplish during your term.

As Judge Advocate I am responsible to keep the Post bylaws and constitution up to date and present them to the Post membership.

How long have you belonged to Post 3063 and did you previously serve in an officer position?

I’ve been with Post 3063 approximately six years and previously served as Post Surgeon. I’ve enjoyed participating in the post’s annual trips to the VA hospital. Since COVID-19 of course, we haven’t been able to see the vets. Hopefully this will start again soon. 

I like the friendships I’ve acquired from our post and the fact they all are motivated to help the veterans.