Quartermaster’s Update (April 2021)

By Harold Rodenberger

Welcome to SPRING 2021. As we move toward more freedoms, let’s take a break from earthly restrictions and look to the heavens for inspiration. This quarter we’ll see three “super” moons in a row: The Super Pink Moon on 4/27, the Super Flower Moon on 5/26 and the Super Strawberry Moon on 6/24. There also will be a short full lunar eclipse of the Flower Moon on 5/26 that can be seen from the west coast, if the sky is clear.

Looking to the heavens reminds me to be thankful that the vaccines were developed quickly and are being administered to more and more people. Please do your part to protect yourself, your families and your countrymen by getting your shot(s) as soon as you can. The more people vaccinated, the quicker we can put this virus behind us.

Big things are happening not only in the lunar realm but also right here in Ballard at your VFW Post. We are experimenting with a hybrid in-person and Zoom meeting for our April business meeting. If that goes well, we will have combined in-person and Zoom meetings into the future. The goal is to have regular meetings in person and Zoom for our members across the States and around the world to tune in and participate.

Around the hall, our ceiling project is finished. The newer ceiling tiles look fresh and clean. Thanks again to the volunteers who helped. Member Michael Mahar devoted many hours to cleaning up the hillside north of our parking lot, and for the past couple months volunteer Campbell Krawitz has spent many hours helping spruce up the hall. Many thanks to both.

Chef Kay and crew have been putting out some seriously good take away dinners for our third Thursday socials. The past few months she has been preparing one hundred meals. This is the maximum we can handle, so remember every third Thursday and reserve your order before they’re gone.

Memorial Day is coming in May. We have small, 12” x 8” flags on 24” sticks that were donated by ACE Hardware and are available to members free of charge. If you would like some for memorial or patriotic purposes, please stop by the office and pick them up.

Finally, as always, keep a weather eye out for new members. Help keep our post growing!