Officer Spotlight: Sr. Vice Commander Bryce White

This is a recurring column that highlights the 2020-2021 post officers.

Tell us about your new position and what you hope to accomplish during your term.

As the second most senior official in the post, I will assist the Commander in his duties and in preserving order.  I will preside over meetings in the absence of the Commander.  I hope to work with our post members and identify and or initiate programs needed in our community.  Reaching out into our communities is crucial to our organization.  This will help in developing relationships with community leaders and local civic groups.  We must find the ways and means to be more active and visible within our local community.  Finally, I would like to recruit new members to our post.

How long have you belonged to Post 3063 and did you previously serve in an officer position?

I joined Post 3063 a few years ago.  At first, I would just come every once and a while to connect with other veterans, but lately I have been trying to get more involved and helping in any way possible.  I just recently served as the Junior Vice Commander last year.  I also joined the post’s Honor Guard last year.

What do you enjoy most about belonging to the VFW?

I like belonging to the VFW because the VFW advocates for veterans. If someone needs assistance or wants the camaraderie, the VFW is a great place. If a veteran is having issues with mental health, there is always a helping hand.  I have a purpose to serve, and most Marines have a place in their heart to serve as well.  It’s a better way to serve and better the community by doing things such as helping veterans and your community.  We volunteer to make a difference in our community, and we get to meet new people.