Quartermaster’s Update (January 2020)

By Harold Rodenberger




December is the end of a year, but this year also marks the end of a decade. Turning this corner reminded me of the end of decades past. For people my age these are vivid memories. For young people, they are history.


At the end of 2009, we saw 17,00 more troops sent to Afghanistan, the end of the Great Recession and the death of Michael Jackson.


Twenty years ago, at the turn of the century there was the Y2K scare, the beginning of the euro and a U.S. President impeached. Thirty years ago, the fall of the Berlin Wall was the big news.


In 1979 there was the big gas shortage, the Hood Canal floating bridge that didn’t, and the Seattle Supersonics winning the NBA Championship. 1969 was the year of the first moon landing and “…One giant leap for mankind”.


Sixty years ago, in 1959, I joined the Army and started on the path that led to Ballard Eagleson Post. The winter of ‘49-’50 resulted in many low temperature records still on the books.


The years pass quickly and can only be lived once. We need to remember to make the most of our time as the years flit by.


Speaking of, members of our post have been busy doing things for others to help our post fulfil its mission. We don’t have a canteen or clubroom so we do things for our community and fellow veterans instead.


Recently we visited and revisited the VA Hospital to talk with patients and distribute special snacks and drinks. Our Honor Guard was central to the recent celebration of Wreaths Around America at Lake View Cemetery. Some of our members served at the Seattle Standdown. We selected winners and gave prizes in the VFW Youth Programs Voice of Democracy, Patriot’s Pen and Youth Essay contests. Our Teacher of the Year was also selected as the winner at District 2 and now goes to the judging at the state level.


Our roving ambassador, Allen Schwerer, who now lives in Eastern Washington, donates time and money to VFW causes in that area. One of our local members spoke at a meeting of the Mercer Girls Chapter of the DAR during a ceremony honoring Vietnam veterans.


Around the Post Home, our Commander, Joe Tiffany, volunteered to procure and install a new (much superior) sound system. Other officers gave of their time to perform their duties during meetings and outside the post. Many members fly the flag to honor our country and its veterans.


Looking forward to the second half of our VFW year, we are still well short of our membership goal. We value your membership, please take a minute to make sure your dues are current.


Welcome to the new “roaring twenties” and may the coming year be kind to you and yours.


Yours in Comradeship,