Farewell From the Outgoing Commander

By Pete Krawitz


This will be the last column I write as Post Commander. I first wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all once more for giving me the opportunity to lead the post for the last two years. It’s been a very fulfilling and challenging experience. I appreciate the willingness of many of the post members to try some new things, like modified meeting formats and leveraging more technology in our operations. Now, it’s time to hand off the gavel to Joe Tiffany, who I’m confident will bring a fresh perspective to the podium. I look forward to supporting Joe and the new leadership team.


Over the last 24 months, we’ve been able to work together to become the largest post in the Seattle District. We’ve built stronger ties with other VSOs, community groups, and local businesses. We are also slowly working on improving our business continuity practices and leveraging technology which will help make running the post more accessible for our current and future officers.


We have some exciting projects on the horizon and we’ll need all of the help we can get. Whether you’ve been a member of the post for 40 years or 4 months, there are various post officer positions and committees that could use your expertise. Talk to members of the leadership team if you are interested in helping out in any capacity.


While I have moved a bit further away, I still plan to stick with post 3063 for the foreseeable future, the community that welcomed me and my family to Ballard 5 years ago. It’s a community that I’m very proud to be a part of.