Operation FRIDGE SWAP a success

Operation FRIDGE SWAP was a success thanks to the brains and brawn of our awesome post and auxiliary members. Thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to bring in the bigger and better commercial grade refrigerator (which had to be lifted sideways through the counter since it was too tall and wide for the kitchen doors) and take out the old broken refrigerator.
Special thanks to Comrade Stokke for lending his trailer for the fridge recycling mission. Also, HUGE THANKS to the donor whose contribution paid for the new refrigerator! ❤

Memorial Day events

Memorial Day weekend was a beautiful and inspiring time for our VFW Day of Service at Golden Gardens Park in Ballard. Through continued service we pay tribute to our fallen friends and ensure that their sacrifices are not forgotten. Thank you to Councilmember Dan Strauss for taking time out of his busy schedule to join us!
Thank you to our post comrades for taking time this Memorial Day to give out Buddy Poppies to local community members. The Buddy Poppy serves as a powerful reminder of the valor and selflessness displayed by our servicemen and servicewomen. Its creation by veterans and its distribution by the VFW represents a collective effort to honor the fallen and support those who have served.
The post auxiliary also hosted its first pancake breakfast fundraiser on Memorial Day Weekend. We look forward to participating in more in the future!