The post’s annual Spaghetti Fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 21 starting at 5 pm. We plan to host a wonderful dinner, courtesy of Chef Kay and a raffle for select items. Costumes are encouraged! We’re also hosting a virtual auction for big ticket items.

As always, we are looking to make this event a huge success. And as always, we need some help. Here’s how you can help ensure that we meet our fundraising goals:

1. Spread the word. Tell your family and friends about the event! They might have items to donate and/or they would like to come and support our important cause. People can RSVP at this website or with Aly at [email protected].

2. Get Raffle & Auction Prizes. You would be surprised by how many businesses are glad to support a good cause, so mention it to your favorite restaurant or bar. Do you belong to a museum? They may want to help too. Please put on your thinking cap and see if there is something you can do, make, donate, etc., that would make a prize that others would want. Personal services, hand-made crafts, fresh baked products, etc., come to mind. If you have high value auction items to contribute, please contact Mark at [email protected]. Here are links to our solicitation letter and procurement form.

3. Day-of help. We are also going to need kitchen, bar and raffle help the night of the event. If you would like to help, please let us know.

Contact Russ Seelig at 206-423-1150 or the post with questions, suggestions or to volunteer.