Commanders Corner and Auction Recap (October 2020)

Well Done Comrades!

The raffle that wasn’t – actually was pretty much of a successful Owl!

It was obvious to the fundraising committee that this year our usual sit down Spaghetti Dinner and Raffle was not going to happen due to the restrictions and limitations of Covid-19… and so, the raffle would not happen either.

It began to look like we would just have to make do with the Spaghetti dinner ala take out that Chef Kay Seelig has perfected, and that would be it for this year.

But wait a minute… Comrade Aly Teeter to the rescue! She introduced the committee to the “Bidding Owl” – an online auction she had recently been involved with for a different concern. Maybe the raffle could be replaced by the Bidding Owl!

And so it was….

With a lot of work primarily on the shoulders of Comrade Aly who set it up, and Comrade Harold Rodenberger who implemented the Bidding Owl, we had an online Auction that became, “The raffle that wasn’t.”

Some of the items featured in the virtual auction.

Comrade Harold will be submitting all the financial particulars that will be showing that in spite of Covid (or maybe because of Covid) this year’s fundraising effort was very much a success!

Certainly there are many people who contributed in various ways with the fundraiser effort, and without them it would not have happened, but I do want to recognize these people in particular who really stepped up for us to help make this year’s fundraiser a success.

· Comrade Aly’s family who provided the main “Hot Ticket” item for the raffle.

· Richard and Pat Murray for their continuing support of all our post activities.

· The Burien Highline Kiwanis Club who provided the five gift baskets totaling over $500 in value, and another $300 in dinner tickets that were gifted right back to the Post!

I will speak to all of this again later, but for now I just want to thank these people and all of you for your contribution to this year’s fundraiser effort!

Joe Fitzgerald

Post 3063 Commander