Commander’s Corner (September 2020)



I hope this finds all of you in good health and continuing to stay safe as we perhaps can start the cautious and careful process of an eventual return to some degree of “Normal”. Just IF, what, and when that normal will be remains to be seen but the signs are growing more positive by the day. There is Hope.

In the meantime all of VFW is moving onward and upward with zoom meetings. We are successfully replacing the in-person meetings at the post with our own Zoom video meetings. That success is a bit muted however, as the only people who have qued into the Zoom meetings and actually attend are mainly the Post officers, – or sometimes special guests! The bulk of our membership has been largely absent. We do understand that there are reasons why some cannot attend.

However, I do want to insure that each of you is aware that you can and should join us if you able to at all. Our Post business Zoom meetings are held at the same time as our in-post meetings were – on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm sharp and are easy to access. Some of you just won’t be able to – I get it. But there has to be more than just the board who can attend these Zoom meeting. I encourage each of you to at least try to join us. I would especially like to see the the newest and younger members at these meetings. It actually is very easy and can done on your computer, or your Pad, or your phone. If you can’t join us via video on your phone, you can still join us via voice on the phone. The Zoom meeting connection process has been widely disseminated by Comrades Rodenberger and Teeter -Baker in previous newsletters and mail. If you do have any trouble you can contact Quartermaster Rodenberger or myself to to help you with connecting.

When you bring up Zoom you will be asked for the ID Number.This is 505 701 2075. You will also be asked for the Password or Passcode. This is Ballard306. Note that this password is case sensitive as the B is capitalized, while the other letters in Ballard are lower case. Once connected you will be in a wait mode and then Harold will admit you to the meeting. It is that simple.

Thank you and see you in Thursday’s Meeting.

Yours in Comradeship,
Commander Joe Fitzgerald