2024-2025 Officer Installation

At our May 2 business meeting, Post 3063 officers were installed for 2024-2025. They will begin serving in their positions after the Department of Washington Convention in mid-June.

Congratulations to our officers and thank you for volunteering to serve your fellow veterans and the community! Thank you also to Past Commander Nestor Tamayao for presiding.

Here are the elected and appointed officers serving for the next year:

Commander: Alyson Teeter
Senior Vice Commander: Gabe Whetsel
Junior Vice Commander: Harold Hamilton
Quartermaster: Joseph Mesa
3-Year Trustee: Gail Engler
2-Year Trustee: Harold Rodenberger
1-Year Trustee: John Ellingboe
3-year House Committee: Mike Hicks
2-year House Committee: Jesse Basher
1-year House Committee: Bob Lehman
Adjutant: Harold Hamilton
Service Officer: Joseph Mesa/Harold Hamilton
Judge Advocate: Dan Stokke
Chaplain: Joe Fitzgerald
Surgeon: Bob Lehman
Officer of the Day/Guard: Russ Seelig