Quartermaster Update (May 2024)

By Harold Hamilton

Hello comrades! We have made it through another VFW year. It’s had its share of ups and downs. Comrades who have moved on to new opportunities and adventures, as well as comrades who have crossed into the undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns. Through it all, our constant core has continued to move the post forward. I want to thank Aly for her leadership. I want to honor our trustees and senior members who have been the heart and soul of our post. Let’s also give a special shout-out to our Scottish Swiss army knife, Jan! We may not appreciate how crucial Jan is to the post’s operation.

We are facing a challenge of relevance in the lives of our veterans. We can be at the forefront of addressing this here at the post. We have the membership mix capable of achieving great things. How do we activate it? Yes, the problem is significant but we must not go gently into that dark night of irrelevance. We have work to do. In this coming year, let’s all commit to spreading our mission. In July, we will ask our members to commit to eight hours of service per month and to bring one guest to a social event per quarter.