Give blood, save a life

By Harold Rodenberger


When I was younger, a lot younger, I used to give blood regularly every couple months. Then we moved to a tropical country and I visited various other tropical countries so my blood-letting was restricted. Then I retired from the Army and got so busy I didn’t have time. Then I was borderline anemic and couldn’t give. Then there was always an excuse not to give. THEN I stopped in at BloodWorks NW one day and gave blood!


Compared to how it used to work the new system is amazingly user friendly.

Harold Rodenberger giving blood.
Harold Rodenberger giving blood.


  • You save time by making an appointment on line or by phone.
  • The screening questionnaire is done quickly on a small electronic device.
  • The hematocrit is a modern spun version so less blood is needed and it saves time.
  • The reclining couch is more ergonomically designed and extremely comfortable.
  • The actual blood draw is easier from beginning to end with modern crimping devices and even a covered needle extraction shroud.
  • They have machinery on site to separate out various parts of blood such as platelets, plasma or coagulation factors and return the rest to your body.
  • The last time I gave blood I was in and out in less than twenty-five minutes.


It seems the staffers and volunteers are friendlier and more efficient. Only the cookies, crackers and drinks are about the same.


I understand that, for various reasons, many people can’t donate blood. But if you can, follow the lead of this old guy and give a pint to save a life.